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A collaborative project by East London Sound Ensemble

As you are on a mobile device, please tap below video to start watching the live stream. You can only stream on full screen here. If preferred, you can visit and subscribe to our Live Youtube channel to stay connected trough your Youtube App.

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    “Through My Window” is an interactive digital media project which develops with audiences’ contribution.

    Every one of us experiences this isolation period in different ways and we all look through different windows to the world outside just like the individual life perspectives we all have. During this time, our communication with each other and the interaction with the outside world is mostly by our screens - through a digital world - where we develop a new digital culture each day. As a an audiovisual work "Through My Window" documents the lives in different households in a very subtle way and forms a dialogue between them. This connection and dialogue occurs in a simple way; through our windows.

    This project is currently on its first steps and it'll be live streamed as it develops. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay in loop. If you want to participate in the project, please download the project outline and follow the instructions to send us your content.